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        одекс „ести —арацинов! (by Saladin)12 марта 2008 20:29:28
¬ наших жилах течет кровь прирожденных воинов. ћы никогда не пр€чем взгл€д от опасности. ћы полагаемс€ на крепкую руку брата и острую сталь клинка.  аждый из нас готов умереть во им€  лана. ћы уважаем своих врагов, но никогда не склоним перед ними головы. ћы привыкли побеждать, но победа любой ценой Ц это не о нас. „есть и ƒостоинство Ц слова, написанные в нашем сердце и выбитые на наших щитах. »м€ нам Ц —арацины.

ѕон€тие Ђ„естьї стоит дл€ —арацина на первом месте, а поэтому мы:
1) Ќе нападаем на представителей расы игровых противников из-под монстра (моба);
2)* ”важаем своих игровых противников и честный бой, а поэтому ни один представитель клана не нападает на магмаров в локации Ђ репость заточени€ї - месте объединени€ усилий обоих рас дл€ борьбы со «лом и ’аосом;
3)* Ќе прокачиваем умение Ђпалачї на люд€х

* Ќа врагов клана и тех, кто позволил себе любые агрессивные действи€ в адрес  лана или отдельного его представител€, данный пункт не распростран€етс€: иногда за свои ошибки приходитс€ платить двойную цену.

«а нарушение устава —арацин члены кланов будут наказыватьс€ порицанием, штрафами,
при случае рецидива - выводом из состава.
ќднако во избежание недоразумений, а так же с целью недопустимости провокаций,
жалобы на сарацин будут рассматриватьс€
руководством клана только при наличии скринов.
автор: apatuha
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Meifang Zhang Panetta said the U.S. programs to improve the deployment of navy energy inside the Asia-Pacific
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China said the SCO does not fill the NATO armed service blank in Afghanistan
China information company, Beijing, June 7 (Zhang Xiaoning) - Chinese Vice Overseas Minister Cheng Guoping mentioned in Beijing Christian Louboutin Sale within the 7th, the SCO will not be loaded so-called NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan, the armed service left "blank". In the course of the summit, the SCO member states adopted a resolution regarding Christian Louboutin Sale the granting of the SCO observer standing in Afghanistan. The Afghan problem are multilateral and bilateral events the member pointed out. Afghan President Hamid Karzai attended the summit, and China compensated a state visit. Cheng said the neighbor, Afghanistan as well as the SCO member states, will normally turn into the essential difficulties talked about by the Member Coach Handbags States. The upkeep of regional peace and tranquility, the concern of Afghanistan, the SCO is insisting to consider the mindset of active cooperation inside the UN framework. Cheng Guoping, stated the summit created the choice to absorb Afghanistan as an observer country, aspires to fortify political, safety, economic co-operation with Afghanistan within the framework from the SCO, to achieve nationwide reconciliation inside the UN framework to further market the post-war reconstruction of Afghanistan. SCO Member States within the Afghanistan issue has geographical advantages, also to bilateral cooperation with Afghanistan, might be through the SCO platform to offer pleasant assistance to Afghanistan. SCO will not substitute or fill the blank within the army still left within the so-called coalition 2014 withdraw its troops from Afghanistan. "He mentioned. Furthermore, the Chinese International Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin, about the 6th normal press convention that Afghanistan is a vital country and a shut neighbor with the SCO. A growth from the predicament pertinent towards the safety and security in Central Asia. SCO anti-terrorism, anti-drug to combat transnational crime and its financial growth knowledge and strength is willing to fortify cooperation with Afghanistan. Afghanistan also will take a positive frame of mind.


написал: geabeteBut 23 августа 2012 23:23
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написал: Sakabececit 24 августа 2012 18:32

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To break this destructive cycle, we need to say no to quick, low-priced, toss away solutions, which includes fast fashion. We will need to decide on to re-use, recycle and refurbish and only when purchases are necessary, we must opt for items that help sustainability more than exploitation, like ethical clothing. Only by having off the customer treadmill can we find true joy and self fulfillment.


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