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Dimensions in mm (inches).
25.15 (0.99)
26.67 (1.05)
10.67 (0.42)
11.18 (0.44)
1.52 (0.06)
3.43 (0.135)
6.35 (0.25)
9.15 (0.36)
Bipolar NPN Device in a
Hermetically sealed TO3
Metal Package.
3 (case)
Bipolar NPN Device.
VCEO = 350V
3.84 (0.151)
4.09 (0.161)
7.92 (0.312)
12.70 (0.50)
IC = 7A
All Semelab hermetically sealed products can be processed in accordance with the requirements of BS, CECC and JAN, JANTX, JANTXV and JANS specifications.
1 鈥?Base 2 鈥?Emitter Case - Collector
Parameter Test Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Units VCEO* 350 V IC(CONT) 7 A
hFE @ 3/4 (VCE / IC) 10 50 -
ft 3M Hz
PD 120 W
* Maximum Working Voltage
This is a shortform datasheet. For a full datasheet please contact .
Semelab Plc reserves the right to change test conditions, parameter limits and package dimensions without notice. Information furnished by Semelab is believed to be both accurate and reliable at the time of going to press. However Semelab assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions discovered in its use.
Semelab plc. Telephone +44(0)1455 556565. Fax +44(0)1455 552612.
E-mail: Website:

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If you want to buy this product please visit:http://www.datasheet-photos.com/Product/2N6517.html
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* 350 Volt VCEO
* Gain of 15 at IC=100mA
TO92 Compatible
PARAMETER SYMBOL VALUE UNIT Collector-Base Voltage VCBO 350 V Collector-Emitter Voltage VCEO 350 V Emitter-Base Voltage VEBO 6 V Base Current IB 250 mA Continuous Collector Current IC 500 mA Power Dissipation at Tamb = 25掳C Ptot 680 mW Operating and Storage Temperature Range Tj:Tstg -55 to +200 掳C
ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (at Tamb = 25掳C unless otherwise stated).
Collector-Base Breakdown Voltage
Breakdown Voltage
Emitter-Base Breakdown
V(BR)CBO 350 V IC=100 A, IE=0
V(BR)CEO 350 V IC=1mA, IB=0* V(BR)EBO 5 V IE=10 A, IC=0
Collector Cut-Off Current ICBO 50 nA VCB=250V, IE=0
Emitter Cut-Off Current IEBO 50 nA VEB=5V, IC=0
Saturation Voltage
Base-Emitter Saturation Voltage
VCE(sat) 0.3 V
0.35 V
VBE(sat) 0.80 V
0.85 V
0.90 V
IC=10mA, IB=1mA* IC=20mA, IB=2mA* IC=30mA, IB=3mA* IC=50mA, IB=5mA*
IC=10mA, IB=1mA* IC=20mA, IB=2mA* IC=30mA, IB=3mA*
Base-Emitter Turn-On
VBE(on) 2.0 V IC=100mA, VCE=10V*
Static Forward Current
Transfer Ratio
hFE 20
IC=1mA, VCE=10V IC=10mA, VCE=10V* IC=30mA, VCE=10V* IC=50mA, VCE=10V* IC=100mA, VCE=10V*
Transition Frequency fT 40 MHz IC=10mA, VCE=20V, f=20MHz
*Measured under pulsed conditions. Pulse width=300 s. Duty cycle 2%

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Even though it may not seem like it, your jewellery builds up grime with time and the shine turns boring. Silver stylish jewellery must be taken care of or you do not need a lot good fortune searching classy putting it on for a night out or perhaps to work. To keep your trendy earrings and necklaces in top condition, a little maintenance is required.

Just one other thing to worry about, correct? Well, the process is fairly fast and doesn't have to be carried out everyday. Plus, the way you store your gold jewelry also influences how often you need to bring back its shine.

To make sure your gold jewelry does not stain and always appears its greatest, do not location your silver stylish jewelry on or dangling from the wooden surface area. The acids present in the wood will begin to tarnish your jewelry, and walnut may be the most detrimental offender within this category.

To be able to reduce external conditions, store your gold jewelry in a cool, dry and darkish location. Sunlight can lead to tarnish, just like dampness in mid-air and long stretches of heat. It doesn't mean you shouldn't wear your jewellery. Simply take care when keeping it -- this way it will nevertheless look fantastic when you take it out for a special occasion.

If the clasp isn't closing correct or perhaps a hyperlink within the string is bent or damaged, take your pieces to a expert jeweler. Attempting to fix jewelry by yourself with a set of pliers along with a make-shift hold might seem less expensive, but if you break your favorite necklace, the cash savings won't have been worth it.

To clean your gold trendy jewelry, mix a small amount of moderate liquid soap with a 1Or2 mug of warm water. Wash lightly as needed then rinse nicely with water that is clean. Allow it to dried out completely before keeping. To keep your silver cleansing solutions that you could submerge your jewelry in for a few moments prior to rinsing with drinking water.

You will find unique polishing cloths available that literally brings the sparkle back to your jewellery. Shine cloths are ideal for a tiny bit of tarnish or to bring back the shine to your silver.


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When you refuse to face the louis01vuitton
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The opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s apathy. When you hate, you’re still polarized, but when you’re apathetic you can’t even get yourself to care enough to hate, much less love.

And when you’re powerless, you can hardly muster any louis-vuitton-taschen
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The more you direct your life towards Falsehood, Apathy handtaschen-online
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The secondary principles of personal atrophy are Separation, Timidity and Submission.

When you live in denial and can’t be bothered to care, you feel separated from your life, your surroundings and other living beings.

When you’re powerlessness and apathetic, Louis Vuitton Sac
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The six principles of personal atrophy in their totality become foolishness. Whereas moving towards Truth, Love and Power is a more intelligent way to live your life, moving towards Falsehood, Apathy and Powerlessness is a foolish way to spend it.

Personal Development Vs. Personal Atrophy
I’m not looking to add on to Steve’s Moncler Uk
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I offer the principles of personal atrophy as food for thought, and whereas the seven core principles of personal development are a good gauge to aim for, the seven core principles of personal atrophy can serve as warning signs to tell you where you don’t want to go.

P.S. By the way, I didn’t consult The Steve when I made this…I wonder if I nailed it. What do you think?


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There are so many things that influence fashion. Designers can be influenced by the weather, nature, their favorite cities, and the people around them. Tampa is a gorgeous city. It easy to live there and feel inspired. Many artists find inspiration in the gorgeous beaches, the lively city, and the laid-back locals. Tampa is not your average vacation destination. The city also has a thriving arts scene. For instance, the Gasparilla Festival of the Arts, which is held in Tampa each year, is one of the top 10 annual art shows in the United States. Tampa also offers thriving galleries, design studios, schools, and creative outlets for all types of artists.

From ancient times, footwear was not that popular with ordinary citizens, many enjoyed walking bare foot. From ancient times especially with early civilizations, foot wear was a necessity for protection and not used for fashionable purposes. This can be visibly seen by looking into early man's shoe designs, one can see at first glance, how man started to put great importance to fashion rather than practicality. From ancient times, the evolution of shoes started its never ending change which is dictated by human culture; and today the shoe making business is one of the largest industries in the world.

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