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: apatuha
: unawheere 12 2012 00:13
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: Quotesautol 12 2012 04:41
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: nimeiapqa 14 2012 06:38
Father will be busy in the garden, and won't notice whether I'mhere or not. And, besides, tomorrow it will be too late, becausePercy will be here. He was more furious about the thing thananyone.Rather the proud aristocrat, Percy, agreed Reggie. I understandabsolutely. Tell me just what you want me to do.I want you to pick me up in the car about half a mile down theroad. You can drop me somewhere in Piccadilly. That will be nearenough to where I want to go. But the most important thing is aboutPercy. You must persuade him to stay and dine in town and come backhere after dinner. Then I shall be able to get back by an afternoontrain, and no one will know I've been gone.That's simple enough, what? Consider it done. When do you want tostart?At once.I'll toddle round to the garage and fetch the car. Reggiechuckled amusedly. Rum thing! The mater's just been telling me Iought to take you for a drive.You are a darling, Reggie, really!Reggie gave her back another paternal pat.
I know what it means to be in love, dear old soul. I say, Maud,old thing, do you find love puts you off your stroke? What I meanis, does it make you slice your approach-shots?Maud laughed.
No. It hasn't had any effect on my game so far. I went round ineighty-six the other day.Reggie sighed enviously.
Women are wonderful! he said. Well, I'll be legging it andfetching the car. When you're ready, stroll along down the road andwait for me.* * *When he had gone Maud pulled a small newspaper clipping from herpocket. She had extracted it from yesterday's copy of the MorningPost's society column. It contained only a few words:
Mr. Wilbur Raymond has returned to his residence atNo. 11a Belgrave Square from a prolonged voyage in hisyacht, the Siren.Maud did not know Mr. Wilbur Raymond, and yet that paragraph hadsent the blood tingling through every vein in her body. For as shehad indicated to Reggie, when the Wilbur Raymonds of this worldreturn to their town residences, they bring with them their nephewand secretary, Geoffrey Raymond. And Geoffrey Raymond was the manMaud had loved ever since the day when she had met him in Wales.



: apgreenwzm 14 2012 12:52
George tickled it under the ear abstractedly. He was alwayscourteous to cats, but today he went through the movementsperfunctorily and without enthusiasm.
The cat moved on. Mac became conversational.
They tell me the piece was a hit last night, sir.It seemed to go very well.My Missus saw it from the gallery, and all the first-nighters wasspeaking very 'ighly of it. There's a regular click, you know, sir,over here in London, that goes to all the first nights in thegallery. 'Ighly critical they are always. Specially if it's anAmerican piece like this one. If they don't like it, they precioussoon let you know. My missus ses they was all speakin' very 'ighlyof it. My missus says she ain't seen a livelier show for a longtime, and she's a great theatregoer. My missus says they was allspecially pleased with the music.That's good.The Morning Leader give it a fine write-up. How was the rest ofthe papers?Splendid, all of them. I haven't seen the evening papers yet. Icame out to get them.Mac looked down the street.
There'll be a rehearsal this afternoon, I suppose, sir? Here'sMiss Dore coming along.George followed his glance. A tall girl in a tailor-made suit ofblue was coming towards them. Even at a distance one caught thegenial personality of the new arrival. It seemed to go before herlike a heartening breeze. She picked her way carefully through thechildren crawling on the side walk. She stopped for a moment andsaid something to one of them. The child grinned. Even theproprietor of the grocery store appeared to brighten up at thesight of her, as at the sight of some old friend.
How's business, Bill? she called to him as she passed the spotwhere he stood brooding on the mortality of tomatoes. And, thoughhe replied Rotten, a faint, grim smile did nevertheless flickeracross his tragic mask.



: alexxlab 14 2012 13:55

: gogwjaq 15 2012 14:12
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