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Если Вы едите на море и вам нужен купальник, то вы можете выбрать его у нас, а также пляжные платья

: handbagsnvm 10 2011 11:40
Juicy Couture Velour Wallet
Be & D Woodstock Hobo
It has often seemed as though Jean Paul Gaultier¡¯s favorite thing to do on the Hermes runway is riff on the classics that make the brand so iconic and successful, and Hermes Spring 2011, Gaultier¡¯s swan song with the brand, was a horse-tastic, S&M-tinged ode to exactly those tendencies. The handbags mostly stayed clear of the psychosexual leanings of clothing, but that isn¡¯t to say that they weren¡¯t interesting.
One of the biggest rules of writing is ¡°show, don¡¯t tell,¡± and the folks at Choo violated a similar design rule in making this bag. Instead of creating something that is so painfully cool that it oozes ¡°rock star¡± out of its little bag pores, they merely chose to slap an animal-print lighting bolt on a snakeskin bag that would have been gorgeous otherwise.


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: mulberryes 16 2011 04:55
Bergdorf Goodman Sale

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The prices keep dropping and the sales keep moving. Act quick before an item you have been eyeing is gone! Bergdorf Goodman has got in on the sale action and has marked many items up to 50% off. There are a few great handbags left, but the clothing selection is even better. Go shop the BG Sale now!


Christian Dior¡¯s boutique at Plaza 66 in Shanghai, China will re-open this May. With the reopening, Dior has decided to launch a limited edition selection of iconic pieces from the house in Dior blue. These pieces will be sold exclusively at their Shanghai store, which means many of us will never be able to buy them. This launch coincides with the World Expo and the Dior Cruise 2011 fashion show being held in Shanghai on May 15th.

Diane von Furstenberg: Resort 2010 ¡°Her Name is Rio¡±

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Once I saw the Yves Saint Laurent Roady Hobo in what the brand calls ¡°flame,¡± I knew that there was no escaping the onslaught of orange. My sales associate at Jeffrey told me that they had ordered a lot of orange and coral for spring, and since the boutique¡¯s owner Jeffrey Kalinsky is also an executive vice president at Nordstrom, it¡¯s safe to say that orange will be showing up there as well, not to mention in every other department store in existence. Brights had a moment on the Spring 2011 runways in what seemed like a direct response to Fall 2010¡äs neutral palette, and fiery shades in particular look to be among the biggest winners of the season.

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While that was going on, Serena was engaging in some sketchiness of her own. Because she¡¯s still throwing a little shit fit over Blair kissing Dan last week, she somehow got the queen¡¯s phone number and called her to rat out her son and Blair, the happy couple. The queen promptly showed up to totally blow up Louis¡¯ spot by announcing that Louis is about to get married, and Blair, predictably, went home to sulk. Being a prince, though, he obviously did just the right thing: He showed up with a giant bouquet of peonies to explain away the whole inconvenient marriage thing.

: Borhearma 16 2011 18:22
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К сожалению продать смогу только жителям Санкт-Петербурга, т.к. сам оттуда.

: mulberryes 17 2011 11:28
*A special thanks to MrsS and L for helping identify the bags!*

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Glam surges to No. 1 women??s property, overtakes iVillage

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If it sags a bit like it should, this bag could be an unexpected winner. If it¡¯s stiff and its shape doesn¡¯t change on the shoulder, then I¡¯ll pass. Either way, I appreciate that they took the risk. Buy through ShopBop for $495.

: handbagsnvm 17 2011 12:02

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I think it¡¯s perfectly fine to be attention whoring once in a while. Steal that attention from other gals and put yourself in the spotlight¡­ go ahead, make them jealous. I know you ladies just love to stand out of the crowd, some more, some less, some often, some occasionally, but deep down inside, you all have the primal drive to outrun the fellow female Homo sapiens in the race for the prime male flesh. Denial is futile. In order to make your game a little easier, I¡¯d personally suggest the Felix Rey Mini Metal Mesh Ruffle Bag. This small evening number stood out enough to catch our attention at the Bendel store, with its twinkling mesh exterior, reflecting the light beams like it was its only purpose. This bag would do great with a long black evening dress, and with its shine, you are guaranteed to attract everyone¡¯s looks in the room that you bless with your attendance. For $195, available in gold, silver, bronze, or black.


D¡¯Angel Handbags


: mulberryes 17 2011 15:17
JADEtribe Panada Clutch

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1. They¡¯re just going to go up in price later: Seriously, are you considering buying one? If you are, go ahead and do it. Chanel is among the masters of the crippling price increase, jacking up the MSRPs of its bags every six months to a year, sometimes by as much as $500 for a basic bag. As a general rule, bags don¡¯t hold their value all that well, but constantly rising prices keep the timeless flap bags fairly easy to resell later. Plus, even if you don¡¯t take resale into consideration, you¡¯re just going to have to fork over more cash if you wait.

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Registering will take care of that message for you.

: handbagsnvm 17 2011 15:38
They had the bag, which is part of Coach¡®s teenage-focused Poppy line, in three different colors, and I loved each more than the last. But for a fall/winter season where so many things are black and silver, wouldn¡¯t red be a great addition to so many outfits?

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We shot this photo of my beloved Lambertson Truex Sienna Clutch just as the sun was high to the west and we found a spring tree in full bloom. The combination of the supple leather on the clutch, texture of the python skin, rugged tree branches, and the soft yellow flowers combined for a perfect Floral Fusion. Buy Lambertson Truex at Saks and LT online.

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Oddly, I¡¯ve seen descriptions of the bag that refer to the snakeskin as black, but it comes off as a dark purple or blue in person. I¡¯m not sure if that¡¯s a trick of the light because of the shiny foil or if the descriptions are just inaccurate, but whatever the reason, I¡¯m glad that it doesn¡¯t read as a true black. The unexpected color combination is what makes the clutch, and the difference in textures between the materials makes the difference all the more apparent. Buy through Bottega Veneta for $1650.


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